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Welcome to the group! We are so excited that you are here! To get warmed up, let us know where you're from and what your favorite medium is!

Hi! I'm Mary from Missouri, and I like to paint with watercolor!
Kaitie Logsdon
I'm Kaitie and I live in Kentucky! I have many favorite mediums, but right now it's my iPad! I have two small kiddos that make it a little tricky to have paint and jars of water out. I usually will paint once they're in bed for the night. When that happens, I love using acryla gouache!
Heidi Stock
Hello! I'm Heidi from Kansas (but I live in Missouri). I am a creative dabbler, so I like to try all the things, but I always go back to acrylic painting -- it's my fave!
Tammera Bensen
Hello. My name is Tami from southeastern Michigan. I love crafts and love, love painting in acrylics.
Belinda Finley
So glad you are back.
JoAnn Benoit
Hello. My name is JoAnn. I'm from Quebec, Canada. I paint with acrylic on wood.

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Hello from Missouri!  I've been exploring watercolor recently and have been really loving it!

Hello! I'm from Missouri, and my favorite medium is watercolor. I really color mixing specifically!

Hi there, I am a Chilean artist living in the Bay Area. I work with different mediums like acrylics, watercolors and others. I am also a Helping Artist from DecoArt. Happy you guys are back!!

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